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Remote Piloted Aircraft Survey Solution

The RPAS Solution Lifecycle is designed to give our clients the necessary skills, resources, knowledge and support for the successful implementation and operation of a Remote Piloted Aircraft Survey Solution.

RPAS Solution

Phase 1 | ROC Applications and Management
ROC Application – documentation

Phase 2 | Remote Aircraft Pilot License
Certified training at Certified RPAS School
Course content is prescribed by SACAA in SACATS 101
Self-study (Air Law, Human performance, Meteorology, Navigation, Radio links, etc.

Phase 3 | Remotely Piloted Aircraft
Selection of local and international Remotely Piloted Aircrafts such as:
CumulusOne, Skywalker, DJI Phantom and more.

Phase 4 | Photogrammetry Hardware and Software
Generate high resolution georeferenced orthophotos and
exceptionally detailed DEMs / textured polygonal models.

Phase 5 | RPA Manufactural Training
Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) certified training
Theoretical and simulation classroom training

Phase 6 | Implementation Package
When buying equipment iGlobe delivers a service called an ‘Implementation Package’ to assist the client in configuring, understanding and implementing the RPAS Solution.

Phase 7 | Service Level Agreement
A Service Level Agreement can be added to the RPAS Solution Lifecycle with the client and will guarantee the client iGlobe’s support and assistance with any technical, hardware, software and process queries and problems experienced with RPAS Survey Solution.

The RPAS Survey Solution can also be tested in a Proof Of Concept (POC) environment, where specific areas, deliverables and outputs can be agreed upon with the client to test the technology and overall lifecycle prior to full implementation.

Implementation Training Package

ROC Applications and Management



Accountable Executive

  • The accountable executive will be a single, identifiable person within each organization who will assume full responsibility for the organization’s ongoing compliance with the RPAS regulations (Part 101). It is imperative that the correct person is identified as the accountable executive, and that the individual understands and accepts the roles and responsibilities associated with that position. This is not intended to be a position title without accountability.

Aviation Safety Officer

  • The Safety Officer should have basic skills in order for him/her to manage the safety system within the RPAS aviation operations.
  • Qualifications: Safety Management System Course – 5 days

RP: Flight Operations

  • Responsible for RPAS Flight Operations
  • Qualifications: RPL Pilot Licenses

RP: Aircraft

  • Responsible for RPAS Maintenance
  • Qualifications: RPAS Maintenance Experience

Quality Assurance Manager

  • Quality managers aim to ensure that the RPAS operations an organization provides is fit for purpose, is insistent and meets both external and internal requirements. This includes legal compliance. A quality manager, sometimes called a quality assurance manager, coordinates the activities required to meet these quality standards.
  • Qualifications: Quality Assurance Course – 2 days

Security Officer

  • Security Officer will need to perform a range of duties which are designed to ensure the safety and security of aviation within the PRAS operations.
  • Qualifications: Aviation Security Awareness Course – 1 day


Remote Aircraft Pilot License

Certified RPL Training at a RPAS Training Academy

  • Theory and practical
  • Approx. 10-days

– Course content is prescribed by SACAA in SACATS 101

  • Self-study – (training modules provided beforehand)
  • DFE Examination Flight Test Included

Locations:  Wonderboom Airfield and Corsair Flying Field

Skills Taught:

  • Air Law
  • Navigation
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Radio Links
  • Battery Procedures
  • Aircraft Flight and Performance
  • Multirotor Flight and Performance
  • English Proficiency Course
  • Radio Telemetry License Course– Required by SACAA to operate a RPAS System

Photogrammetry Hardware and Software

Photogrammetry Workstation

For processing the Aerial Images into a workable format, a powerful workstation is needed to process the data that suits a GIS environment.


Agisoft PhotoScan Pro allows to generate high resolution georeferenced orthophotos (up to 5 cm accuracy with GCP) and exceptionally detailed DEMs, point clouds and textured polygonal models.

The fully automated workflow enables a non-specialist to process thousands of aerial images on a desktop computer to produce professional class photogrammetric data.

RPA Manufactural Training


Certified RPAS Product Training

  • Approximately 5-days
  • Theoretical and practical sessions
  • Theoretical and simulation classroom training

Simulation sessions

  • Simulation and flight in own environment

Training facilities

  • Theoretical sessions (iGlobe Offices)
  • Practical training (Corsair RC Airfield)

Implementation Package


When buying equipment Global Vision delivers a service called an ‘Implementation Package’ to assist the client in

configuring, understanding and implementing the RPAS Survey Solution. This Implementation Package is aimed at

giving your resources the necessary skills and knowledge to be capable of successfully operating the RPAS Survey

Solution to its full potential.

This is an enhancement and hands-on training once the pilot has acquired the standard RPL (Remote Pilot licence).

  • RPAS Auto Pilot and Ground Station Software Training.
  • Photogrammetry RPAS Pilot Training or Application Flight Training.
  • Photogrammetry RPAS Pilot Training.
  • Pre-flight planning and site establishment.
  • Ground station and site set-up.
  • Flight and Aerial Survey workflow execution.
  • Photogrammetry Image processing training.
  • RPAS Survey Data Management.

Audit, Consult, Train and Support

A service level agreement is an excellent tool to improve communications, manage expectations, clarify responsibilities and build a foundation for outstanding client service. The number of hours which the organization purchases can be used in a number of ways:

iGlobe has a dedicated support centre and can be contacted by telephone,
email and through the iGlobe Support Centre web portal.

Onsite audits
In order to provide the best possible service to the Organisation, an onsite
audit will be done, where iGlobe staff will audit users’ desktops, as well as
servers, for Bentley software, as well as third party applications, in addition
to hardware. Furthermore, the user’s ability to operate the software will also be audited in order to establish the level of knowledge and training requirements. After the audit, the results will be documented and a report supplied to the client with recommendations for software or hardware upgrades or user training as required.

Resident Engineer, RPAS Pilot & Photogrammetry Processing Consultant
There is also the possibility of having a dedicated person, contracted to remain on site, for whatever reason. This person can be used for maintaining systems, audits, problem solving, implementation of
solutions, user training or support, etc.

As stated earlier, the training levels of all staff will be assessed during the audit, and recommendations of training required by staff will be made, as illustrated in the screenshot below. Thereafter, the Support
Manager will track the hours used, and should hours be available, offer knowledge transfer, in the form of consulting or training to members of staff, either on iGlobe’s premises or on site. When upgrades or enhancements are done to software, training will run concurrently to ensure that users will be capable of using the new system. Our SLAs are designed in such a way, that clients are not limited in the use of
the hours purchased. What makes our SLA so unique is that we offer the client the right to use SLA hours for not only support, but consultation, enhancements, auditing of current set up, proposing a ‘to be’ design, and training as well.