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At iGlobe, we offer geospatial data solutions that capture and analyse location-based data for a diverse range of industries. Our services include Intelligent Data Acquisitions, Solutions, Professional Services, and Software & Training to help clients make informed decisions based on reliable and highly accurate information.

Intelligent Data Acquisition



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Intelligent Data Acquisition
Intelligent Data Acquisition is a suite of services that uses advanced technologies to collect and process data more efficiently and accurately. These services include aerial surveys, inspections, bathymetric surveys, off-site monitoring, IOT sensors, and laser & LiDAR scanning.

We provide valuable insights and data for a variety of industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, Construction, and Agriculture.

With Intelligent Data Acquisition, organizations can make data-driven decisions and gain insights that would be difficult or impossible to obtain through conventional methods
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Professional Services
Our professional services include Bentley ProjectWise, a platform that enables teams to collaborate and manage project information.

Along with Support Services for technical issues & training and Consulting Services for expert guidance on strategic planning and technology implementation. This includes data clean-up to improve data quality and compliance.

We strive to provide innovative solutions and exceptional service to help our clients succeed.
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Our suite of solutions includes Construction Monitoring for overseeing construction projects, Drone Portal for ensuring compliance and managing work using drone technology, Environmental Monitoring for tracking environmental factors and reducing environmental impact, Municipal Solution for analysing and planning at the local government level.
PROGIS for managing properties and conducting inspections, Cellphone Tower Inspections for maintaining and optimizing cellphone towers, and TerraHub for managing and maximizing solar panel installations.

Each solution offers unique features and benefits that can help organizations streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

By providing real-time data and analysis, our solutions empower organizations to make better decisions and improve their overall performance.
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Software & Training
iGlobe is the number one provider of Bentley software training in Africa. We offer comprehensive training courses for individuals, small groups, and large organizations. We provide onsite training upon request, and group training classes to ensure your organization is up-to-date with the latest Bentley product knowledge.

We offer software training courses covering Bentley MicroStation Platform Products, GIS & Mapping Software, Bentley ProjectWise & Geo Web Publisher, Bentley Navigator, and Reality Modeling. Our comprehensive software training courses enable users to make the most of their Bentley products and achieve maximum productivity.
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