ROC No: G1501D

We provide a broad range of services covering information management,
data collection and migration, geospatial data editing, metadata, spatial
data infrastructures, process improvement and geographic analysis.

Designing and implementing data analytics solutions,
transforming raw data into valuable insights.

Licensed Drone Operation

CAA/ROC # G1501D
The iGlobe Group is a licensed drone operator, as approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). The Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Operating Certificate (ROC) consists of the following:
  • A valid Air Service License (ASL), as issued by the department of transport
  • A valid Operation Specifications (OpSpec) and RPAS Operating Manual (ROM)
  • Third-party Liability Insurance
  • All pilots have a valid RPAS Pilot’s License (RPL)
  • All aircraft are registered with the SACAA

Engineering Grade Drone Inspections

When it comes to drone inspections, our philosophy is to reduce cost, while increasing efficiency and safety. Reality Modelling has made it possible to automatically produce a 3D ‘reality mesh’ from photographs. These are then processed into engineering-quality models that capture real-world context. The massive explosion of drones in the industry has added to the success and disruptive nature of reality modelling as data can now be acquired much faster and in whatever environment and/or terrain. Drones have assisted various BIM practices, by providing accurate and current data to enhance the following phases of construction:

  • Infrastructure Inspections (Bridges, roads, buildings, cooling towers, sub-stations)
  • Site Inspections
  • Advanced Point Cloud Scanning
  • Regulatory Inspections

Bathymetric Surveys

To enhance safety and data accuracy, iGlobe developed and unmanned bathymetric boat, fitted with cutting edge navigation and measurement technologies. Bathymetric surveys allow us to measure the depth of a water body as well as map the underwater features of a water body. From the management of tailings dams to the reconnaissance of dredging work, the application for bathymetric surveys are endless. In addition, the resulting bathymetry data can be combined with aerial survey data to provide accurate information pertaining to water levels, dam capacity and freeboard levels to engineer.

Reality Modeling

As an introduction to the concept of creating a Digital Twin, a definition of reality modeling is required. This can be defined as processing images of the physical environment into 3D representations to provide current context, within a geospatial modeling environment. It is thus no longer necessary to start the design and planning phases from a blank canvas as there is now a new source for improving spatial analysis and model creation.

At its core, reality modeling is based on the processing of current images (as well as other forms of point data) into a workable and intelligent model with an array of functionality. This type of data can be derived from various forms of equipment, with drones being the most popular in the market now

Off-Site Monitoring

Our Time Lapse Photography has various applications and can appeal to architects, engineers, project managers, property developers, building contractors, arbitration lawyers, surveillance as well as assist with your public relations and product marketing.
By using the process of taking a set of still photos at pre-determined intervals of an activity or process, you can track every phase of your project visually.


The process of ensuring that your data is correct, consistent and useable by identifying any errors or corruptions in the data, correcting or deleting them, or manually processing them as needed to prevent the error from happening again.

Consulting Services

We deliver a wide variety of day to day consulting services that will help assist users in their daily tasks which in return will increase productivity, create a better working environment and lower project turnover time. A few of the services include data-cleanup, refresher training, audits and engineering software updates to name a few.

Engineering Software Upgrades

Keeping updated ensures your software is running on the latest version with new and improved user tools for efficiency. Updates can add new features to your software and outdated ones. We make sure your operating system is running the latest version.

Audits range from users’ desktops and third party applications to the hardware. Furthermore, the user’s ability to operate the software will also be audited in order to establish the level of knowledge and training requirements.